Website hosting

We can host your website on our webserver, whether it is a small 5-page static site or a larger site with a database.

Server hosting

We can host most rack-mounted and non-standard-form-factor servers in our datacentre. We have dedicated hosting space in a secure datacentre in the South East of England and can host your server for you. This will ensure your server will remain available to access over the internet and have the reassurance of 24/7 onsite support if needed.

The data centre has diverse internet and power providers and on-site backup generators.


Having your email stored on a public email server with anonymous tech support does not suit everyone. Our solutions are bespoke to you and you only ever deal with the technician that has direct and private access to your data.

We run an Exchange-like email service with full industry-standard anti-spam and anti-malware protection.


With all of the above solutions, data will be stored in the UK and available on most popular platforms. You only deal with C&S staff – never a call centre. Your data is secured behind our proactive firewall with 24/7 automatic updates.

It’s important to remember that backing data up is not the complete story. You must be able to restore your data in a timely fashion, and you have to test the backups to make sure they are being taken correctly. Our backup solution can test the backups you take every month, it allows for on-site and off-site versions for speed of recovery and can even create a ‘hot-standby’ machine that is ready to switch over to if your production machine or premises have a catastrophic failure.

The bottom line is there is no point taking a backup unless you are confident you can use it when you need to.

Managed 365

Microsoft 365 (previously called Office 365) provides a value-for-money email and cloud storage solution for Windows, Mac, iPhone and Android systems.

C&S can manage the migration from your existing email solution to Office 365. We can manage the number of users from month to month and provide the ongoing management of your email data services.

Cloud backups

We can work with you to design the best back-up solution for your needs, whether this is privately hosted space, or simply making use of services such as OneDrive or DropBox.

PC support

We have been working with PCs since Windows 95 and can solve most issues if it is cost-effective to do so. With solid-state drives we can now get a PC or laptop to boot-up in under a minute, which can give your existing machine a new lease of life.

Mac support

We can draw on 30 years of Macintosh knowledge and experience. Andrew first worked on Mac SE30 on Mac OS 6.

We have supported everybody from home users to manufacturing and corporate customers. Andrew has helped other companies to solve their Mac issues, for example saving a customer’s photo library of over half a million photos.

Server support

Even in these days of cloud-based file servers, onsite servers still have their place and require support. We work with Windows 2008,2012,2016, 2019 and Mac OS as well as Synology servers.

Proactive monitoring and Disaster Recovery planning is part of our support package.

Synology Support

Synology Support

If you already using a Synology server, you will know they are both easy to use and to maintain, offering a fileserver as well as cloud based files sharing capabilities.
C&S have dedicated hosting space in a secure data-center in the South East of the UK and can host your Synology server for you. This will ensure your server will remain available to access over the internet and have the reassurance of 24/7 onsite support if needed.

Synology hosting

Hosted Synology can provide a cost-effective backup solution any existing onsite Synology you have. Hosted Synology can also provide a key part of your Disaster Recovery plan. In the event of a DR situation, we can deliver your Synology to anywhere in the UK, or with further planning to anywhere in Europe.


CCTV is a cost-effective solution to protect your home and work place.

Our systems come with an iPhone and Android app so you can easily monitor your camera system from anywhere. We supply 2 to 32 camera systems with up to four weeks rolling recorded coverage.

In addition, we can install number plate recognition cameras if required.

Home PC/Mac support.

Our home support options cover the same areas we offer to businesses and we can help you get the most from your computer. We like to build a good working relationship with our clients so we can quickly understand and resolve any issues that arise.

Mac repairs

Accidents happen and, where cost-effective, we can help to repair Macs from water damage as well as impact-related issues.